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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Twittered up

.... not posted for a couple of weeks, how remiss of me! been absorbed in the world of Twitter I'm on there click here for my part of it - if you're not up to speed, it's kind of like a constant stream of "What I'm Up to" in the Facebook fashion.... but it's extremely addictive. Those I'm following are Stephen Fry (along with a gazillion others) Richard Bacon/Jonathan Ross/Chris Moyles/Philip Schofield etc etc good fun. I'm glad I don't work in an office anymore, I got next to nothing done with idle browsing, this must be a killer for productivity the world over!

Anyhow, not been too bad of late, I joined in with the Taxi demo in London the other week, have posted video below which will help you if you're interested in the whys and wherefore.

Turnout was great, although sadly the authorities have scored a bit of an own goal in my opinion, by announcing that they will increase our fare by 3.4% from April - whilst we are all in the middle of an economic crisis, so keeping fares as is would have given us much more kudos..... hey ho.

Picked up Felicity Kendal today on account from her home in Chelsea, she and her grandchildren were lovely, exactly as you would imagine.

Well I best get off to bed, wife and kids all sleeping, and they'll want my attention in the morning - half term til Friday.....

Good night and gawd bless

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