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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Time for a change.....

So it seems I haven't written a long form blog post for six months......I have however been prevalent on that other micro blogging world, twitter, so if you been checking back here for news, you will have at least seen the 140 character snap shots of life.

So, where to begin, it's been a very turbulent period since the last posting, moments of doubt at where I was going, what I want to do and who I'd be sharing that journey with.

Life as a self employed cab driver has been a very steep learning curve, from juggling a 3yr intense knowledge period/9-5 day job & young family....thru to the day to day work search and the uncertainty of whether work is there...

That may sound alarming to some, surely cabbies are always on the golf course? Well, yes some may well be, but it's unlikely if they have small children and mortgages etc

I reached a point in the summer where I looked back and thought "what I am doing?" and "why am I doing it?"
I became extremely depressed, and thoughts were both irrational and fantastical......I really worried that I would not be able to find that illusive light in what seemed an awfully dark tunnel.

So after much soul searching, a bit of therapy and the continued love and support of my wonderful wife, I've decide to start the journey to becoming a teacher.

I've chosen to aim for primary school, for a number of reasons :

- there is a drastic shortage (our boys school has only 1 for instance)
- it's a vital first building block of a childs education.
- I really don't thunk I could handle a lippy 14yr old!

So, that's my new resolve, just 3 GSCE's, a higher level education course and a degree and I'll be there! I'm so looking forward to learning and stimulating my grey cells again.

Lastly, I'm going to get stuck into a regular exercise routine, involving running 3 times a week, and doing toning exercises as well, the worry of the past few months has caused weight loss and want to make sure I keep that going but in a much more healthy manner!