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Monday, 14 January 2013

Life, parenting and the universe

I usually start by saying it's been so and so length of time since my last post. This is mainly because life disappears up itself, faster than a goldfish forgets the view from the bowl......

Anyway, the thing is, I never knew it would be this hard. Yes, you can call me naive, but I would refute that in a second. Nearly 13 years ago, I had no preconceptions about how I was going to handle it. At the time I had a human being in my hand, weighing slightly more than a couple of bags of sugar, and roughly the same length. I've never professed to anything more than a make it up as you go, haphazardly nipping and tucking as we go. We have treated our responsibility with great care, ensuring the boys (we had a second, similarly 'sweet' package arrive almost 3 years after the first) are fed, watered and clothed, and have the ability to experience as much of life as possible.

The demands are varied and as we both work, we do out utmost to be around as much as possible. But we have aspirations of our own, mine are well documented and ongoing. But every so often you stop and think;

"Do I do too much?"

"Should we change?"

We've frequently discussed our approach, is it the best way. The simple truth is, maybe obviously, that it has to change according to circumstance. Long gone are the days of nappies and 'Farmyard Tales'. Now we have increasing volumes of homework, clubs and extra curricular activities to get to.

It's fair to say that the tumultuous tribulations we ride almost daily, are the highs, and lows of prepubescent boys.........it really is as cliched as you like, "I hate you", "you don't understand", "you're the worst" et cetera, et cetera.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not trying to nibble more off the tree. This is a highly charged time in my children's development. In the next 6 months alone I am running (very liberal use of that verb)a marathon, and sitting exams for GCSE Maths and Science.

What pushes me on, beyond my own endeavour to teach, keep fit, play music, is that this life we lead is an example to our little contribution to the next generation. I hope they will have the sense that life is to be lived. Lived in the way THEY chose, seizing any opportunities, and creating them if necessary.