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Monday, 16 May 2011

Cadburys take them and they cover them in chocolate.......

Nothing like a random post title to get you going.......and this certainly is one....

Anyway, it's been a busy few weeks, quite a lot of frustration with my damaged ankle ligaments and some other annoying niggles that have made me feel less than A1....I'm pretty much into the new routine, not working Monday and now Tuesday, doing the school runs, and most importantly - studying, I'm resigned to the fact that English will be almost straightforward, Science a little harder but enjoyable, and Maths, well, a challenge!

I need to not be so hard on myself and expect to get everything right first time, I need to be persistent and take the same attitude as I did with the knowledge.   That experience teaches me that I can achieve the goals I set, despite the slings and arrows of misfortune (hearty apologies to Will Shakespeare for nicking his prose!).

In other news, we've decided to pull our finger out and get some work done on the house. In all good faith, almost 2 years ago now, I stripped our lounge and dining room, and that is how it has stayed every since.   Every good intention is there to complete the job, but as we all know, all manner of hurdles appear to thwart them!.

In the big scheme of things, it is far more easy for me to spend the time working to earn the money to let someone more adept at these things, and quicker, to be let loose.....so it is with great excitement that I can confirm we have enlisted the services of another parent at the boys school, his first task will be some plastering, and then the papering and painting of the rooms.

So, as it always seems I pen these posts late at night, I'll leave you......I will unusually add a rather substantial epilogue of sorts.  What follows is the latter part of my latest English test paper that I recently submitted, I am rather proud of it, and my tutor too was happy - enough to grade me with a big fat B!

“The Great Stone of Sardis” is written in quite an instructional manner, very little detail on the characters involved, and more on that of the great vessels. “Jude The Obscure” is written in much more personal and emotional tones, focusing very much on the close relationship that the schoolmaster has with his community and, in particular, Jude.

In “The Great Stone of Sardis”, there is lots of use of clear factual information about the circumstances, for example “The Euterpe-Thalia was one of those combined ocean vessels which had now been in use for nearly ten years.” There is also frequent use of descriptive language to give the reader a sense of the movement of these vessels in and around the port areas - “A westward bound Atlantic liner was rapidly nearing the port of New York.” and “The vessel now speeding along the southern coast of Long Island.”

In “Jude The Obscure”, there is an inclusion of many characters, to evidence that the schoolmaster has a very strong connection within the town. There is some use of onomatopoeia, “the purchased article had been a perpetual problem” and “standing in a perplexed attitudes.”

There is also some quite old fashioned language employed, phrases like “A proper good notion,” said the blacksmith” and “the practicability of the proposed shelter.”

The main difference for me, between the two passages are that in “Jude The Obscure” we see a very personal connection demonstrated between the schoolmaster and Jude, a lot of language toward the end of the passage about coming of age - “You wouldn’t understand my reasons, Jude, you will, perhaps, when you are older.” And finally, poignantly, the giving of a gift by the schoolmaster at the end.