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Friday, 27 February 2009

Almost 37...... chilled chicken?!

The title is a reference to my birthday on St Davids Day - iechyd da! - just a few years til I enter my 5th decade.......

Been a busy week, bought new car (to us that is) on Saturday, so will need to get some extra hours on the road over coming weeks to cover the balance!

Nocelebs to mention thus far, have had some interesting twitter exchanges with Richard Bacon and Simon Mayo.... and did get a question via text thru to Al Murray on Mayo's show yesterday.

Had a nice but brief coffee stop with an old colleague in Canary Wharf, next time we must do it longer, oh and realised that Canary Wharf is a tow away zone - ie that even as a licensed cab driver parking on a rank, you can't leave it unattended, got back just in time.

Picked up the most bizarre cargo this week, I got a job on the radio to collect from M&S in Fenchurch St, a bag with 3 cooked chicken breasts, and had to take them to an office near to Victoria, £17 to move them seems a little excessive given the current economic climate!

A few weeks ago I did an interview along with 2 of the guys from Black Cab Sessions and it finally got transmitted on Wed, the link to the piece is here , lots of fun and hope it widens the audience for these sessions, which are amazing and very unique.

That's all, nearly time to collect the old beast and go out on the streets of the smoke

Enjoy your Friday nights and weekends

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www.becomeataxidriver.org.uk/ said...

wow, expensive way to move chickens! i need a job in that place, imagine what they spend on humans!