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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Well then, where have you been?

"I'm going to blog," "I'm going to blog"...... These are words that I've been saying time and again. All without execution, I am now blogging, not an inquisitive question or attempt, I am actually doing it.

My trouble is I think too much, I over think in fact. To the point of despair, despair that I will say the wrong thing or not please the right person at the right time. Instead I should be doing that task which is most important at that time. This need to please, worrisome predisposition has been a weight on my shoulders, and I am endeavouring to overcome it, fledgling step by step!

As I've said here already, I decided some time ago that I want to teach, during the course of 2011 I had three distance learning GCSEs that I bought and attempted to study simultaneously......well, it didn't transpire as I'd planned, the reality of combining the disciplines; English, Maths and Science, wasn't successful...this in addition to being there for my family and also that perennial pastime of earning the daily bread.

So this year I resolved that I would take things step by step, the first being then subject I consider to be my strength, English. I have booked exam and will be sitting it at my old comprehensive school.....which will be a little odd, but I finally have a first hurdle lined up on the track.

I must quickly thank @katehibbs for her help in mentoring me through the next couple of months

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