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Friday, 21 January 2011

3 weeks of January.......

So, almost at the 2nd month of 2011......what's happened then?

More running, as you can see to your right, that's it, there, I'm keeping track of the mileage I do. It's great fun, and helps keep me sane! and also keeps the flab from gathering.

I've been running this week with an ex-work colleague, it's great to run together, we get to catch up, over lunchtime, and even better, I get to use the shower afterwards.

Today, we ran from the office near London Bridge, over Southwark Bridge and then follow the river up to Westminster, then turn tail and head back. It was a perfect day for it, sunny with a bit of a chill in the air I took this pic.......excuse the bendy lamppost, hard to take a steady pic when you're on the move!

So, I've got my GCSE's underway (you remember, retraining to be a primary teacher....see this post) and it feels good to be on the path, Maths will be my nemesis I'm sure, English/Science seem to feel more easy, maybe because they're not a "pure" subject like Maths. Time will tell.

We've had a busy few weeks with various birthdays in the family, our youngest was 8 in early Jan, so we held a family tea and then kids birthday party for his friends. It was a good turnout and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, we did a great game for the kids where they had to dress in big baggy clothes (my tracksuit bottoms and long sleeved t-shirts) and see who could stuff the most balloons in them!

I've been twittering as ever, and you can see those to the right, and also been trying to keep up with friends blogs......

Well, last thing I'll leave you with is a link here to my wife's just giving page for her fundraising efforts, she's running the London Marathon in April, third time for her, so please take a mo to have a look and if you can support her that would be fantastic

Til next time

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Anonymous said...

Your trying to hard to impress, be happy with what you have , life is quick .