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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Control and changing roles.....

Good news this week, Mrs J has a full time role back with the local libraries, which is like going home to her. It'll be great, and in many ways is the missing piece that has been so for a few years now in her life.

As a result we're now changing roles a fair bit, she has a two week alternating shift pattern, and being self employed, I'm not dove-tailing my work around that. It's good for our boys as they get to see more of me, and I get the opportunity to get to know their pre/post school routine/activities a little better.

Naturally this will now provide a little more financial stability, and along with the new job, Mrs J has taken over the reigns of our day to day accounts, which I have to say, has been a huge relief to me, and a big weight off my shoulders.....I'm such a bloody worry guts, and she's super cool and much more practical.

It's been a busy past week for us as Mrs J has worked a lot of it, this Saturday just past she worked and I and the boys went to my nephew Harry's 2nd birthday bash, and saw my immediate family, even my elusive/reclusive elder brother and his kids.

This morning we carried on our recently new regime of going for a run and the boys joining us on their bikes. Today we aimed for and completed a 5 mile circular route which was v eventful, youngest son's bike chain came off in the first half mile.....and we all generally had to battle thru some desires to turn back at a couple of points....we did it and finished in 1.06mins, an improvement of 4-5mins on the last time we did the route.

Oh well, nothing much else to report, thanks for reading!

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Fidget02 said...

I am so pleased things are working out for you both
Keep the blogging going, it makes good reading