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Thursday, 21 February 2008

First day.....

So, with only mild intrepidation, I slung my shiny badge around my neck and got myself behind the wheel of the silver beauty (sounds romantic, indulge me just this once!) and off we go.

Now, in hindsight I shouln't have been surprised that things were a bit slow, I head in at 1pm on a Wednesday mid half term week.... so my first bite took a bit of time.

I'd just pulled away from the stand on Soutwark St when said 1st victim (fare) raises her hand.... "Mare St, Hackney pls" wonderful comforting words as anyone in our line of work will testify. So a lovely miander up Bishopsgate etc etc up to the Ocean venue (great to be able to swing round rather that um and arr about a bloomin TA). This is free I tell her, no can't have that says she, so £12 will be going to Gt Ormond St next time I'm up that way.

Then I get a group of 3 gents on their way from Kinglsand Rd to King St Covent Garden, swung back in Covent Garden and got a hand up to go from Wellington St to Coach & Horses PH in Greek St.

Then I had a mooch about, have this inate desire NOT to sit at a rank if at all possible, next trapping was Kings Rd to Gatwick Express (nice and easy) a Dutch couple in town on business for the day. Then grabbed another in Eaton Sq going to Claridges, Swedish guy who is on his way back to his land of birth today after 26yrs living here! had a nice chat and received £13 for a £6.40 fare - nice to get a reward for passing the time of day!

Managed to get a job almost immediately on New Bond St going up to St Johns Wood,Hall Rd to be exact, really nice American guy.

Then lastly a couple going from Weymouth St to Ebury St.....

All in all a great experience, only out for about 4hrs but plenty for the first day, and managed to take a reasonable amount. Out for my first evening session after my current day job finishes (only 7 weeks of both...)

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